New Bauhaus Musem


Function: Museum

Location: Dessau-Rosslau, Germany

Year: 2015

Status: Design proposal

Size: 5.000 qm

Team:  Alan Jibilov, Kamel Lokman

Client: International competition (Bundesland Sachsen-Anhalt)


International competition to design Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, Germany. Dessau is one of the cities Walter Gropius has founded his famous Bauhaus School in. Besides, the city hosts more objects designed by Gropius, as Kornhaus, Master's houses, Employment Office, Dessau-Törten Housing Estate.

The idea of museum in this project represented as a storage for the treasures of the Bauhaus School. The whole building is covered with light lattice structure “veil” to give the feeling of the preservation as well as to evoke the a feeling of curiosity to investigate what is hidden under. The “veil” performs as structural support for the cantilevers of the building and forms interesting interior space.

The core idea for vertical division of the building based on the theory of six topoi after a prologue as a starting point of story about the Bauhaus Dessau. They are structured in the following way: "Inventor space – Factory – Department store “and" Museum – School – Clubhouse". Behind these six themes were hidden what is crucial for the formation of the culture of modernity. The levels of the museum are rotated towards the existing heritage buildings built by Walter Gropius in Dessau. Each of them represents certain functional performance and reflects one of the topoi. The city itself becomes the part of the permanent exposition of the new museum building.