Sphere as an infinite wall

Year: 2016

Status:  competition proposal

Team:  Tim Shapkin, Alan Jibilov

Participants were invited to propose a sculptural object among the picturesque landscapes of Britain, which should be built of one million bricks. According to the idea of the organizers, each brick symbolizes the answered prayer, and the whole monument is considered as evidence of divine good deeds on earth.

The God exists beyond the time and space, he is infinite. This thesis defines the concept of infinite wall, looped in a perfect shape of sphere. The continuous structure consists of one million bricks and each of them represents the story of prayer Jesus has responded to. Huge sphere in the middle of the landscape acts intriguing.

The entire structure is a metaphoric library, where one can read each brick using mobile device. There is a spiral ramp inside the sphere providing the opportunity to approach directly to any of bricks of the wall. The visitor enters to the sphere through the visitor center allocated in the basement of the sphere. All the auxiliary facilities are partly covered with ground and shape small hill. The visitors may free download special app for their device to get the access of the virtual version of the structure. The network of embedded sensors and a gyroscope allows accurately determine the position of the mobile device in space. Whenever the visitor hovers the mobile phone or tablet to the wall, the application allows him to see augmented reality trough the screen, with detailed information on each story behind the brick. This enables to everybody who donated money for the project identify his own brick between the million of others. The app allows to see also through the wall if the required brick is located on the outside surface of the sphere. Thus the solid made of bricks is converted into an interactive object.