Leninsky residential housing


Function: Residential building

Size: 55.000 sq m

Location: Moscow, Russia

Status: Design concept

Client: Private Client


Multi-storey residential building is located in the residential area in Moscow. The neighborhood is mainly built out of panel buildings in the post-Soviet Union time tightly surround the construction site. Thus, one of the main strategies was to keep daylight access to the existing neighbor buildings, not to shadow them with new one. Special algorithm was written to define the geometry of the building. Evolutionary solving process was used to make sure, that requirement of min 3 hours of direct sun insolation is maintained alongside with maximum possible volume for the new building.

The building itself is a symbiosis of two typologies: high-rise building and multi-storey residential housing. The ground level of the building with courtyard is embraces the idea of transparency. Whole building is lifted up to provide the maximum area for neighbor’s casual communication and daily activities in the courtyard. The staircases on the ground floor are enclosed with glass to achieve better transparency in the level of public communication.

The building divided on two general partitions. The bent trapeze for the residential housing. Triangle tower on the top consists of Penthouses with chimney and beautiful panoramic view to the city Moscow. The stylobate of the complex involves three levels of underground parking and commercial areas with access from the main street. Main entrance to the complex is designed as an anfiteatro with benches and oriented to the huge local park with green promenade.