Sport hotel

Year: 2011

Location: Winklmoosalm, Germany

Status: conceptual proposal

The hotel locates in south Bavaria near the border of Austria. The place is named Winklmoosalm which is a alpine meadow on the south slope. The project represents intermediate state of architecture and landscaping. The hotel gradually grows out of slope and smooth curves merge with the hill. So the body of hotel has a minimum influence
on existing natural landscape.

Artificial gorge visually represents entrance and directs people inside. Through the narrow passage the visitor enters in full of light atrium with a lobby and a reception. This space contrast between dull corridor and a breadth atrium makes a wow-effect on each visitor. From the lobby you can get into the spa area, a rental zone and of course go up to the rooms. Floors above are providing amazing views of the Alps. There is a restaurant, bar and much more. At the top of the hotel there is an open terrace where the alpine cows graze.